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Accupedo for Android


After downloading, press and hold your finger on the EMPTY space of the Home screen. (If your Home screen is FULL of Apps, then REMOVE two adjacent Apps because AccPedo needs two App icon space to install it.) “Add to Home screen” menu will appear with options listing. Select Widgets from the menu, and then select the widget named AccuPedo. Try moving it around by pressing and holding your finger on the widget.

Photos below show two display modes: steps and trip A.

User guide

• Switch the widget display mode by clicking the mode button to navigate through steps, distance, minutes, calories, and trip A.

• Click the step number to see your daily log.

• Click *Reset* button to reset the step count of Trip A to 0.

• Click the settings button in the menu for customized settings.

* Photos below show daily log and settings.

Initial settings

• Sensitivity: Standard

• Unit: English

• Step distance: 30 inches

• Body weight: 150 pounds

• Activity type: Walking


• It works only for an Android phone with G-sensor (accelerometer).

• It performs best when the phone is on your waist belt.

• Step counting starts after 10 consecutive walking steps.

• The sensitivity of a phone can be different from others. So, choose a sensitivity level that works best for your phone.

• After changing unit from english to metric, type step distance in centimeter and body weight in kilogram.

• Orange colored features on widget display are all clickable.

latest news

Accupedo has a new icon!

Download on App Store


Accupedo for your iPhone is now available!!! You can download the free and Pro versions at the App Store now!

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